Confectionery Casting Frames (Set Of Four)

Confectionery Casting Frames are adjustable forms that allow you to cast a variety of crisp, sharp-edged shapes. Each section of these weighty frames is 10" (25.4cm) long, 1"(2.54cm) thick and has a 0.5"(1.27cm) wide rectangular channel for casting narrow bars. When set on vinyl, the frames grip onto the surface so that any movement while being filled is restricted. Casting Tip: If you intend to fill the frames to the maximum 1" height, you should pour a 1/4" (.64cm) layer of material (chocolate or sugar) into the frames and let cool. This will help secure the frames to the work surface and prevent them from floating up when the interior is filled to the top.Made of food contact safe silicone. Wash before use. Do not heat above 300? F/148? C.



HACCP & GHP Certified


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