Greens International Gen. Trdg. LLC.is one of the leading trading companies in UAE.We were established in 2009 in Sharjah, with a vision to supply high-quality bakery ingredients and professional equipment to pastry kitchens and bakeries.                            

We are dealing with a wide variety of imported high-quality bakery ingredients, pastry tools, equipment and cake decorations. Our suppliers are the Best-in-class producers across the globe. We have an Elite clientele ranging from housewives baking at home to the Five-star Hotels, Catering and Bakery industries. Within a short span of time, we were able to make a name in the industry, developing a large client base. Our product range is very broad, with over 10,000 variety of products.

We are having a dedicated showroom in Sharjah displaying our whole range of products. We believe Baking is an Art and a thought for innovations is Creativity. We help you master these skills with our personalized service. We assure you that Greens will always be a one-stop solution for all your baking and cooking needs.

"Being Food Grade is all that matters"


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